Become a Part of the Platform Story with the Relativity Code Exchange

by Greg Houston on February 11, 2014

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The Relativity Customer Portal was designed to allow the Relativity user community to interact with each other and the kCura team. One of the latest features on the portal is the Code Exchange—a place for users to post scripts and Relativity applications they’d like to share with the community. Because Relativity is a platform for open development and customizations, many users have built functionality, reporting, or new objects and looked for an opportunity to share their ideas. We’re excited to launch the Code Exchange for folks to do just that.

On the advice team, we’ve been able to take a first-hand look at countless customizations from our clients, and we’re always impressed. It’s great to have this central location to share their ideas and encourage other folks to take advantage of the platform.

Our team works with the custom development group at kCura to build solutions for clients. New solutions are billable based on the amount of time it takes to complete, but commonly requested solutions are distributed to clients free of charge. However—until now—there wasn’t a central location where users could find some of these frequently used scripts and applications for easy download.

So, along with our clients, we’ll post commonly requested solutions to the Code Exchange beginning this month. Pay attention to applicable versions when you’re downloading—popular scripts get incorporated into new releases of Relativity, so the solution you need might be a feature or a core script. With every new release of Relativity, we strive to improve the application end-to-end. Between releases, customizations allow users to take advantage of new functions immediately.

For example, this month, our post will be the Login History by User Report script. This report helps identify active users, and is very handy for billing purposes.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the Code Exchange, as we’d love to hear your feedback. We encourage you to become a part of the platform story and post your code to the Code Exchange. You never know how the code karma will come back to help you later.



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