Build a Killer Personal Brand in e-Discovery: Part II [VIDEO]

by April Runft on March 01, 2018

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In our previous post, Lisa Arthur and Dorie Blesoff explained at Relativity Fest 2017 why personal brand—whatever you might call it—is more relevant than ever, and what role communication style plays in shaping yours.

We established that whether we’re talking corporate or personal brands, authenticity is key.

If you’re simply being your authentic self at work, you may not be in the habit of thinking consciously about your communication and collaboration styles. That’s arguably a healthy practice, given the pace of change in many workplaces.

However, in the second of our two-part series, our speakers explore aspects of personal brand that require more intent and conscious effort, depending on your goals.

Part two:

  • Cristin Traylor, counsel at McGuireWoods, offers five tactical (billable-hour friendly) steps to build yourself as a thought leader in e-discovery.
  • Amy Juers, founder and CEO of Edge Legal Marketing, explains the value of social media presence for your own—and your organization’s—brand, and how to get started.
  • Ari Kaplan, principal at Ari Kaplan Advisors, asks three key questions for discovering what makes you unique: what’s your “bottle of water?” How do you showcase it? And finally, are you a hustler? (He also shared this handy infographic with ten ways to enhance your brand.)

Watch all three videos in this playlist:




What goals have you set to establish your brand in 2018? There are plenty of ways to get yourself out there as a thought leader in the legal space, including speaking at Relativity Fest or putting your name right here on The Relativity Blog.

April Runft is a member of the marketing communications team at Relativity, specializing in content development.



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