Cast Your Vote for the Best e-Discovery Innovations of 2016

by Sam Bock on September 27, 2016

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e-Discovery may not be the typical legal team’s favorite part of litigation or investigations. Heck—for some, it might be their least favorite part. However, for the teams that go above and beyond, every tough case can inspire an invention that will make the next one that much easier.

The Relativity Innovation Awards were created to recognize those teams who’ve put their creative energy and hard work into building unique applications for Relativity. Whether it’s communication management, liability monitoring, or a more visual searching experience, the finalists for the third-annual Innovation Awards are drivers of change in the e-discovery space. Check out each finalist below.


Best Law Firm or Corporate Solution Finalists




Kilpatrick Townsend – Litintake

screenshots_kilpatrick.pngEncountering so many data sources storing important client information, such as accounting systems, document management systems, and the Thomson Reuters Elite enterprise business management solution, Kilpatrick needed one master repository to piece information together quickly. Their Relativity integration, Litintake, is a robust, defensible matter management tool for improving client service and internal communication. Kilpatrick is able to offer a 360-degree project view for their internal teams and customers. Using Litintake, they can track matter and case details, media, production logs and profiles, and more while also using real-time charts to quickly analyze budgets and send clients regular status updates.





Reed Smith – Contract Tracker

When a client wanted to sell several business units, Reed Smith needed to quickly identify all of their contracts that would require third-party consent, with the goal of prioritizing which business units should be sold first. They used Analytics to cluster about 10,000 contracts and identify patterns and groups in the contract set. Then, Reed Smith used concept search to begin homing in on “hot clauses,” which would require review. Finally, they used a dynamic object to track consent status and automatically notify the client of progress—throughout a review involving attorneys in many languages and countries around the world. Using this tracking solution, an analysis that would have taken six months was completed in one, saving the client three to five million dollars.






Sidley Austin – Products Liability Tracking

Sidley Austin was tracking product liability claims in legacy software that was not being updated or enhanced and that only one person on staff was capable of using. By building a custom tracking application in Relativity, Sidley Austin’s products liability team is able to track claims and relevant information and documents in one place. Because the team was already acquainted with Relativity, they required minimal training to jump into the tracker and get started.


Best Service Provider Solution Finalists




CDS – Visual Search

screenshots_cds.pngCDS wanted to give their customers easier ways to work with and understand the impact of search results across large data sets. They created CDS Visual Search, which leverages Relativity Data Grid to display real-time topical groupings of documents related to search terms. Visuals update on the fly as search terms are revised so you can quickly test keyword search terms to determine relevancy and accuracy and gain an understanding of document sets. Automatically generated color coding, cluster labels, and snippet views of document contents offer a better view of even the largest document sets.





Kroll Ontrack – Communication Insight

screenshots_kroll.pngCommunication Insight makes the analysis and review of email easier by offering visual indicators to instantly see coding decisions, inclusive email counts, and changes to email threads—such as added or removed recipients—and a Name Normalization feature allows you to assign any number of email addresses to a single name. With searching and filtering capabilities, you can uncover new information, such as the Kroll Ontrack client who quickly discovered additional custodians and more than 1,000 missing emails within conversations.





LDiscovery – LDiscovery A/V Suite for Relativity

screenshots_ldiscovery.pngLDiscovery A/V Suite for Relativity simplifies the review of multimedia files using a proprietary plugin for the Relativity document viewer. From right within the viewer, users can review video files, visualize audio files in waveform, and have precise playback control without the need for additional software. A/V Suite also gives users the ability to redact audio files, making a previously impossible task not only possible, but simple.



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Sam Bock is a member of the marketing communications team at kCura, and serves as editor of The Relativity Blog.