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Commodity Trading: How to Maintain Compliance in 4 Steps

Cassandra Morrison

One of the oldest markets in the history of the world, trading commodities used to mean just livestock and grain—but now it’s grown to include gas and electricity. With oil becoming the most traded commodity in 2022, you’d think that the business of trading has changed tremendously. However, looking at the past reveals some similarities we still see in the present (and will continue to see into the future).

While the nature of trading may feel much the same, the biggest changes have evolved thanks to the rise of regulators—like the FERC and CFTC—who have amped up regulations monitoring trading firms’ behavior. Along this theme, a recent billion-dollar fine put all firms on notice: corporate wrongdoing and non-compliance are not going to be tolerated.

The below infographic showcases what every compliance leader should know and how they can ensure their teams are ready to meet and exceed regulatory expectation to avoid fines and stop misconduct before it escalates.

Commodity Trading: How to Maintain Compliance in 4 Steps | Infographic
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Relativity Trace’s AI-powered communication surveillance platform is here to help compliance teams find real risk and ignore the rest so they can conduct business with confidence in this climate.

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Cassandra Morrison is a senior specialist in content marketing at Relativity, with a special focus on the needs of in-house corporate legal teams.