Engaging the Relativity Community with Local User Groups

by Greg Houston on April 18, 2014

Community , Professional Development

Relativity user groups are coming together across the country. It’s exciting to see the energy with which users want to unite and share their experiences. User groups offer an opportunity to connect the Relativity community, learn unique workflows, and explore new features—and we’re thrilled to see them off to a great start.

From what we’ve seen in the field, it’s common for organizations to build standard workflows in Relativity and stay in those boundaries. For that reason, when users ask other community members about their own processes, it’s interesting for them to see how many different ways people can tackle the same issue. These lessons shared among the group either reaffirm the best methods or bring to light new ideas.

“There are a lot of users who know Relativity really well—well enough to pass the RCA—without comprehending the full scope of what it can do,” one attendee recently told me. “User groups give the folks who do comprehend the capabilities an opportunity to share that knowledge.”

Each user group is based in a certain location and starts with a few local, organizing members. They select the topics, location, and time for the group meeting. kCura helps build the group by emailing invitations to users in the area to get the word out. We can also help organize the logistics of the event. For each session, members of our sales and advice teams join the session and help answer questions as they arise.

To find or start a user group in your area, please contact sales@kcura.com. You can find additional information about user groups on this dedicated page.

We’re excited to keep the user group momentum going, and we hope to see you at a meeting soon.



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