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Escape from the Office (and e-Discovery) This Holiday Season [Game]

Brendan Ryan

This holiday season, we break our Relativity Blog tradition of a post with advice for talking about e-discovery with family around the dinner table. Instead, we offer a diversion.

It’s ‘Escape from the Office,’ a quick 8-bit online game we created to simulate the thrill of using Relativity to simplify and accelerate e-discovery—so much so that you’re not stuck in the office on a holiday dealing with work when you could be at home enlightening your family on what exactly e-discovery even is.


  • We didn’t task our growing team of talented engineers to help develop this game. This is what happens when a few marketers reach the end of a two-week sprint and approach a few days off for Thanksgiving. If we distracted developers from the constant innovation of the platform, the game would be way cooler.
  • We didn’t get it to work on mobile devices (see point above).
  • There are sound effects, so mute your speakers now if you don’t want your boss, your assistant, or your meeting mates to know what you’re really doing.


  1. Click on the game
  2. Use your keyboard: Left arrow to go left, right to go right, up to jump, space bar to shoot

Brendan Ryan was Relativity’s senior manager of partner marketing.

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