Evaluating an Assisted Review Case with the Project Summary Report

by Constantine Pappas on January 31, 2014

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When information is passed upward, it’s most impactful when it can be consolidated—allowing the recipient to take a step back and see the big picture. The e-discovery industry follows this standard: for every case, an enormous data set will eventually be whittled down to just a handful of useful documents for the strategists’ use.

We developed Relativity Assisted Review to have a rich and useful set of reports to help case admins track a project’s success. By monitoring a diverse blend of statistics and progress measures, case teams can better manage their projects and understand their effectiveness. In Assisted Review, those data points include:

•    Overturn documents report
•    Overturn summary report
•    Designation rank distribution report
•    Round summary report
•    Issue summary report
•    Designation-issue comparison report
•    Control set statistics report
•    Control set documents report

What happens, however, when a high-level stakeholder without Relativity access wants to know how your Assisted Review project is going? You could give them one or all of the above-listed reports, but that could prove to be too little information.

To suit those circumstances, we created the project summary report for Assisted Review in Relativity 8.1. It displays a roll-up of useful, high-level information related to your project, such as:

•    The number of documents you started with and the number you currently have
•    The number of documents which were manually coded, and how many were submitted as seeds
•    Categorization breakdown by number and percentage
•    Most recent overturn statistics
•    Control set values, including precision, recall, and F1 (if applicable)

This project-at-a-glance style of report fills the gap, whether someone wishes to know how you’re doing mid-project, or if someone a few years down the line wants to refresh their memory on how things looked when the project was completed.

As always, we appreciate hearing your feedback. Contact us at advice@relativity.com to let us know what you think. In particular, we’d love to know how Assisted Review’s reports are being incorporated into your unique workflows.

For more information on the project summary report—or any of the other Assisted Review reports—check the "Relativity Assisted Review: Reporting" video on our tutorials page.

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