Moving Case Documents to the Mobile World with Relativity Binders

by Greg Houston on August 15, 2013

Mobile , Product Spotlight

The last two decades have yielded an explosion in technology for the business world, and the legal industry has not been immune to its reach. That said, adoption of new technologies hasn’t been immediate, and there has been a noticeable gap between tech-hungry and traditionalist attorneys. But over the last few years, something interesting has happened: that gap has begun to close.

It’s arguable that, as new attorneys armed with a more technology-focused education enter the market, the shift was inevitable. Based on what we’ve seen in the field, however, that isn’t the only factor. The other is the rapid expansion of mobile technology, as more folks have come to rely on its ease of use and convenience for everyday tasks. We’ve heard it from clients directly: attorneys today aren’t just requesting the ability to do their work on their mobile devices. They’re demanding it.

Enter the new mobility app designed to assist attorneys preparing for depositions or trial. Relativity Binders allows the attorney to securely download groups of documents from Relativity, and store them locally on their mobile device if they’d like. An attorney using Binders can search through documents, check metadata, and make annotations such as highlights, sticky notes, and other markings with a simple, non-threatening interface. Documents can also be emailed and printed from the application, with or without the attorney’s markups. Lugging a redwell folder of printouts from place to place no longer seems very appealing, if it ever was.

To learn more about Binders, visit this page for a video, overview, and more. Additionally, please feel free to contact us with any questions or feedback. We’re happy to help you get to know our new mobile app.



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