Relativity and the Newest Microsoft Releases Part II

by Greg Houston on February 18, 2013

Product Spotlight

Last month, we wrote about Relativity’s compatibility with the newest Microsoft releases in this post.  We wanted to follow up to quickly outline a new release of Internet Explorer 10 and its compatibility with Relativity.

There is currently a preview version of IE10 available for Windows 7, but in coming weeks, Microsoft is planning to release the full version of IE10 for Windows 7. When released, it will be automatically installed to Windows 7 workstations via Windows Update.

It is likely that Relativity versions 7.5.630.50 and higher—already compatible with IE10 and Windows 8—will be compatible with this release. We will not know for sure until the version of IE10 is released and we are able to fully test Relativity.

As a result, we recommend users outside of managed environments download this toolkit from the Microsoft website to prevent the automatic installation of IE10 on Windows 7 upon its release. According to Microsoft, environments using an update management solution—such as Windows Server Update Services or Systems Management Server 2003—do not need to deploy the toolkit, as these solutions can be used to manage deployment of IE10 for Windows 7. Additionally, it’s notable that IE10 can be uninstalled if necessary.

As always, feel free to reach out to our support team if you have any questions.