Relativity and the Newest Microsoft Releases

by Greg Houston on January 16, 2013

Product Spotlight

Although we often focus on workflow tips on this blog, we thought it might be helpful to address a few Relativity compatibility questions we’ve received regarding Internet Explorer 10, as Microsoft released new software and hardware that exclusively uses IE10 back in November.

Windows 8 – With their latest version of Windows, Microsoft is jumping headfirst into the highly competitive tablet game. With new features including touchscreen functionality, native apps, and tile navigation on the Start screen, Microsoft is making a serious attempt at improving an outdated user interface while expanding the devices they support to include PCs, smartphones, and tablets. To do so, Windows 8 now provides two user interface options.

Desktop – This UI replicates the traditional Windows experience.

Windows 8 User Interface (formerly known as Metro) – This all new UI is optimized for touchscreen devices.

Surface – In addition to building a new OS designed for touchscreen devices, Microsoft has decided to produce their own tablet, rather than rely on other hardware manufacturers. The Surface features touchscreen capabilities, a full keyboard, and the Office suite. There are two versions of the Surface.

Surface with Windows RT – This runs a version of Windows that’s optimized for ARM processor-based tablets and PCs.

Surface with Windows 8 Pro (coming at the end of January) – This will run the full-blown Windows 8 software, so it can integrate with your existing infrastructure.

So what does this all mean to Relativity users? For starters, Relativity is not compatible with IE10 in Windows 8 User Interface, whether you’re using a PC or mobile device. The version of IE10 for Windows 8 User Interface doesn’t support installation of the Relativity Viewer.

However, Relativity 7.5 can be run in IE10’s compatibility mode in Desktop if you’ve installed today’s patch release (7.5.630.50) for Relativity. As long as you are running Windows 8 in Desktop with IE10’s compatibility mode turned on, this patch allows Relativity 7.5 to work on both PC and Surface with Windows 8 Pro.

The below matrix provides a quick summary of what IE10 devices Relativity supports. If you need help enabling IE10’s compatibility mode in Windows 8, please check out this documentation, and feel free to reach out to our support team if you have any questions.

Posted by advice@kCura on January 16, 2013.