Product Security at Relativity

Secure by default

Secure products require a secure foundation. We build security into every step of our product development lifecycle and give our customers the insight and tools they need to stay secure.

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Shift-Left: Creating Safe Products from the Start

Shift-left means we instill security early in the product development process – often before any code is even written. By the time our software gets to you, it’s already secure.

  • Product design brainstorming sessions
  • Secure by design architecture review
  • Software promotion pipeline scanning
  • Continuous real-time scanning
  • Bug bounty from industry trusted experts
  • AI-driven threat detection and response
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Security Center: Empowering You to Act

Security is a team sport and the more resources we can give our customers, the better. That’s why we created Security Center: your one-stop shop for complete control and visibility over the security of your data.

With an easy-to-use dashboard, you get insight into your users’ actions and the power to instantly act on suspicious activities. Best of all: Security Center is included as part of RelativityOne at no charge. Because when you’re safe, we’re all safe.

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Smart, Seamless Security Center

RelativityOne customers use Security Center – a powerful monitoring application developed by Calder7 – to gain actionable insights and take control over the security of their data.


inactive users disabled


users updated to two-factor authentication

Data: January—July 2023

Track and enable two-factor authentication

Add an additional layer of protection by ensuring all your employees have two-factor authentication enabled.

Analyze login activity

The login map shows you exactly when and where your users are accessing data from and flags areas of concern, like users who aren’t using two-factor authentication.

Monitor user statuses

Get insight into the status of inactive users and disable or delete them to ensure your data is secure.

Prevent unauthorized access via Lockbox

Perform real-time audits of Lockbox to enable and revoke access to individuals as needed.

Get alerted to suspicious activity

Receive alerts for any unusual events, like a change in login method.

Security Testing: Keeping the Coast Clear

We scan our source code and enterprise assets around the clock to address vulnerabilities in our products and remediate both internal and external issues. Our scanning processes include:

  • Running Relativity’s code libraries and third-party libraries through SAST, DAST, and SCA
  • Simulating attacks to search for possible weaknesses in our infrastructure, enterprise applications, and human operation
  • Conducting multiple penetration tests a year from external organizations
Relativity Security

"Calder7 comes baked in with RelativityOne—a product that’s already engineered, by its developers, to be secure in its place and managed by their own in-house experts—on top of an already super impressive cloud platform from Microsoft, with thousands more of their staff dedicated to security."

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Brannon Millard
Director of Security and Infrastructure for Troutman Pepper eMerge

Security Extras: Giving You Peace of Mind

We give you the context and power you need, whenever you need it.

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Customer-managed keys

By default, Relativity encrypts data at rest and in transit. Customer-managed keys add an extra layer of protection, giving you total control over your environment’s encryption key.

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Customer Lockbox

Prevent administrators – including those from Relativity – from seeing your data unless you say so.

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Single and multi-factor authentication

Our products support OpenID Connect and SAML2 protocols, two-factor authentication, and single sign-on – so you have even more peace of mind that your data is safe.

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Detailed security settings

Create custom security settings for all your users. RelativityOne includes discrete permissions to give you total control.