Relativity’s Interview Process

Learn what to expect and how to prepare yourself for an interview at Relativity.

We’re so happy you’ve found your way to Relativity. Here is a brief guide to give you some insight on what to expect and help you move forward in the interview process.

Before you have your first interview, be sure to prepare and practice, research the company, and spend some time thinking about how you will highlight your unique skills.

Interview Breakdown

Phone Interview

The initial screening is a 30-minute discussion with a recruiter or hiring manager who will share their expertise and experience at Relativity. They will give you insight into who they are, what they do and ask you questions about your past experiences, delve into your resume and find out more about what motivates you.

Onsite Interview

An on-site interview at Relativity is comprised of multiple sessions in one day. These sessions are designed to target the different components we hire for. We’ll have an "insight" session, core values session, and technical/role-specific/leadership session when applicable, as well as a follow-up session with your recruiter to recap the day.


In the insight portion of the interview, interviewers will give a brief overview of the company, the desired role, and their individual roles. Interviewers will most likely ask questions about your background and experience. Expect a “take me through your resume” question.

This is also a great time for you to “interview the interviewer.” Curiosity goes both ways, so be inquisitive and spend some time asking questions. Impress your interviewer with your energy and come out knowing what tools they can provide to help you grow.

Core Values

We have seven core values, written by real people who really work here. These are the characteristics that we live by, hire by, promote by, develop by, and make decisions from. During the core values part of the interview, interviewers will ask questions designed to see how well you align with the values that are most important to us. These questions will have a more “behavioral” or “situational” feel to see how you would react in real-world situations. Take a look at our core values before your interview.


Our technical interviews involve whiteboarding your responses to questions so you can demonstrate your coding techniques and critical thinking strategies when solving technical problems.

Follow Up & Tour

The follow up is a time where you get to check back in with your recruiter. They will ask you how your day went and how you feel after learning more about the role and Relativity. After a quick chat, your recruiter will take you on a tour of the office to give you a feel for how it’s laid out and where your potential colleagues sit.

The Day Of

What to Wear

While we are a casual environment and interviewers may be dressed as such, professional dress is recommended.

What to Bring

No need to bring a resume—interviewers will have it on hand. If you have updated your resume since applying, please send it to your recruiter ahead of time.