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Justice for Change

We believe that discovering truth is fundamental to the creation of a more just world.

The events surrounding social and racial injustice in the United States, and broader discussions on advancing equity globally, have greatly impacted us and the communities in which we live and work – shining a light on oppression and injustice that have existed for hundreds of years.

We created the Justice for Change program to leverage the unique capabilities of Relativity and our ecosystem to positively impact racial and social justice in our communities.

Access Justice

We aim to create a world where social justice and racial equity are strengthened by one’s ability to access the resources necessary to discover the truth.

Through Technology

We empower the Relativity community to tackle social and racial justice issues by providing the technology needed to Organize Data, Discover the Truth, and Act on It.

How It Works

  • Apply to the program
    Organizations, including current Relativity customers, doing legal work on behalf of social & racial justice can apply for free use of our cloud-based e-discovery product, RelativityOne.

  • Get free access to RelativityOne
    Projects that are selected as part of the program can use up to 500GB and 10 users for 24 months at no charge.

  • Get extra support from our community
    We’ll pair you with a partner or law firm in our network that will provide access to RelativityOne, as well as administrative and project management support.

How to Apply

Organizations interested in applying to the Justice for Change program should fill out this form.

Application Period Application Deadline Application Decision & Match
Winter Grants January 10, 2023 February 14, 2023
Spring Grants April 11, 2023 May 9, 2023
Summer Grants July 11, 2023 August 8, 2023
Fall Grants October 10, 2023 November 14, 2023

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How to Support Justice for Change

Are you a current RelativityOne customer looking to provide hosting, administrative, and project management support?

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