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Using Relativity cut the average review time per contract down by 75%

A financial institution seeking to complete an internal data management review within two months consulted Inventus to assign 3,000 unfiled documents—collected over the years from acquired companies—to 400 unique contracts. Using Relativity, Inventus built one source of information on the contracts, allowing them to update the contracts while simultaneously linking all of the relevant documents, significantly escalating the efficiency and accuracy of the review.

“Relativity’s speed and the flexibility of the platform made it the best solution for our client’s internal data management review. Building a single, comprehensive view of the contract information allowed us to quickly make connections and ensure accuracy, so our client felt confident completing the entire review in one platform.”
REBECCA FENNESSY, Director of Technical Solutions


Inventus LLC is a discovery management practice focused on helping clients reduce the costs and risks associated with the discovery process through the effective use of leading technology solutions. Since 1991, it has been providing litigation support services to law firms, corporate legal departments and government agencies. Inventus currently has over 230 employees operating in 16 cities internationally, with operational headquarters in downtown Chicago.