Relativity Trace
Short Message Review

Treat Collaboration Data Like Conversations

The way people communicate has shifted. Short messages from instant messaging and collaboration tools are ubiquitous, and it’s harder than ever to get a holistic view of communications across channels.

This massive growth in short message data is why we created short message review for Relativity Trace.

Zero in on the riskiest content.

You need a better way to review alerts across communications and get to the bottom of the riskiest content faster. Short message review helps you do it.

See richer data – in context.

Flip through short messages in Relativity Trace the way you would in the native application—seeing emojis, images, reactions, comments, likes, and more as you go.

Use the workflow that works for you.

How you explore the data is up to you. Home in on the people involved by hovering to get all the info you need, such as the total number of messages, and even reactions, disclaimers, edits, and deletes. Or, filter on alerted terms or phrases to jump to the hits.

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