Relativity Trace for Communication Surveillance

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Identify non-compliant behavior before it escalates.

Relativity Trace surfaces only the riskiest content, ensuring you have full coverage and defensibility in one battle-proven platform.

With Relativity Trace, you can pinpoint risk with:

  • Comprehensive communications coverage
  • Advanced alerting and AI capabilities to reduce false positives
  • The most secure cloud platform
  • Seamless data ingestion
  • Highly configurable workflows

See Trace in Action

The best communication surveillance programs are proactive, not reactive.

With Trace, you can:

Get the full picture.

Monitor 50+ communication channels, 900+ file types, and 170+ languages.

Zero in on what matters.

Use analytics and AI to reduce false positives by up to 92 percent.

Prioritize the riskiest content.

Identify 40+ types of misconduct, such as market manipulation, code of conduct breaches, pharmaceuticals sales fraud, corruption, and anti-trust violations.

Cut alert volumes in half.

Reduce alert volumes up to 50 percent by only alerting on emails that contain the entire conversation thread.

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