Accuracy Forensic View by Accuracy

Does this allegation warrant an investigation? If yes, where to start? Are bad actors destroying the evidence? What document review search will ever return something that is being deliberately hidden? Accuracy Forensic View turns these investigation challenges into advantages. Jump start the investigation and discover the (hidden) truth.

Become a digital detective with Accuracy Forensic View

Accuracy Forensic View (AFV) turns investigation challenges into an advantage. Use your forensic images to find what bad actors are hiding and use signs of their avoidance efforts to focus on who has something to hide. Jump start the investigation and discover the (hidden) truth. Take forensic data from Encase straight into Relativity and get the answers you need without delay. The AFV Relativity app is based on digital detective investigations techniques used over many years to recover what is hidden. Combining this smart approach with Relativity’s power gives reviewers the best of both worlds.

Accuracy by Accuracy Forensic View - Deletion Spike

Accuracy by Accuracy Forensic View - File Access Graphs

Key benefits of Accuracy Forensic View include:

  • Automated forensic analysis in EnCase
  • Direct import to Relativity of forensic artifacts and common ‘Red Flags’
  • In-Workspace review of forensic artifacts
  • Browse file and folder tree of your evidence in Relativity within minutes
  • Interactive data visualization of recent file access, deleted documents over time and common storage locations
  • Discover missing electronic devices which should be collected, withheld information and data destruction