AdminPro by Hashtag Legal

Leverage mass operations to put commonly used tasks at your fingertips.

Collection of Mass Operations

AdminPro makes it more convenient for end users to utilize some of Relativity’s included features. Accessing common tools right in the Documents tab adds another level of convenience and speed for common scenarios.

Benefits of AdminPro include:

  • Access tools in Documents tab without a need to navigate to another page
  • Does not require elevated rights to run tools
  • Custom UI provides enhanced experience for users

Tools include:

  • Document Summary
  • Color/B&W Image check for production
  • EndDoc calculator
  • Document renumber tools (without running production)
  • Access to File table to troubleshoot import errors
  • Export of Concordance QRY files to tag documents
  • Native file exporter
  • Text field to text file exporter