AutoRedaction by KLDiscovery

AutoRedaction greatly reduces the burden of redacting documents by automatically finding and redacting sensitive information in a Relativity workspace. The result is a faster, cheaper, and more reliable review.

Easier and Quicker Redactions

Nearly all data collections contain documents that must be redacted prior to production. Traditional practices require attorneys to sift through pages of images in Relativity and manually draw redaction boxes when necessary. This process is tedious, costly, and can result in mistakes that waive privilege, lead to fines, or worse. There is a better way.

KLDiscovery AutoRedaction automatically finds and redacts sensitive words, phrases, and patterns, such as social security and credit card numbers. AutoRedaction is completely customizable for an infinite number of redaction possibilities. AutoRedaction is built directly into KLDiscovery’s Relativity environment for a seamless user experience.

Benefits of AutoRedaction include:

  • Consistency and Risk Reduction – It is hard to manage a large redaction job across multiple reviewers or review teams. Our automated approach streamlines this ordinarily repetitive, error-prone task, and creates consistent, reliable redactions on your documents.
  • Flexible Library of Patterns – Common patterns of sensitive information are stored in a library to make setup easy. Adding fully customized words, phrases, or generalized patterns takes only a few seconds, and custom libraries can be reused across different cases.
  • Quality Control Workflows and Reporting – AutoRedaction allows reviewers to quickly locate all documents where redactions have been made, and even flags documents that may require a second look from an attorney.
  • Real-time Feedback – AutoRedaction Dashboard provides real-time feedback as the system is working. Our ‘set it and forget it’ system alerts users as soon as a redaction job is completed.
  • Identify PII Without Placing Redactions – AutoRedaction can identify any pattern of text, even text that shouldn’t be redacted. This is a great way to QC productions before sending to opposing counsel.