Blackout by Milyli

Blackout, a Milyli product, enables the easiest, fastest, and most comprehensive workflows for redacting sensitive information in Relativity. Users reduce review time, lower costs, and create workflows that increase accuracy. How?

Blackout enables the easiest, fastest, and most comprehensive redaction workflows for sensitive information managed in Relativity. Only Blackout automatically redacts native PDF, image jobs, and native Excel files. It's ability to redact quickly – even when managing large volumes – makes it the best choice for complex redaction tasks involving sensitive information.

How Does Blackout Work?

Blackout by Milyli

The world's leading organizations have placed over 3 billion redactions using Blackout.

Benefits of Blackout include:

  • Cut time and costs out of reviews with automated redactions
  • Rule-based redaction allows for versatile application of Blackout to any task requiring markup
  • Create efficiencies that drive down human error by redacting words, phrases, and text patterns simultaneously
  • Ensure privileged information is secure while retaining native documents

Features of Blackout include:

  • Seamlessly integrates into Relativity 10 and above
  • Auto-redacts any sensitive information in imaged, native PDF, or native Excel files
  • Redacts hidden information in files including file attachments, notes, and comments
  • Quality check with approval, reject and override options
  • Mass import/export functions via .CSV file

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