BRG Analytics Dashboard by Berkeley Research Group

We provide an Analytics Dashboard with all the projects BRG’s AI/ML practice does for clients. The dashboard is available from BRG’s AI Lab and is integrated with Relativity. The dashboard contains information on entities, organizational relationships, and sentiment analysis of case data. Analytics search results are created as saved searches in Relativity.

BRG Analytics Dashboard provides unique insights into case data.

BRG’s Analytics Dashboard tools are available in our interface and within Relativity workspaces. Our interface is interactive allowing users to move between analytic datasets and view the relationships between entities, organizational structure, sentiment analysis of communications, and heat maps of important data.

Entity extraction is a data science application that feeds all the other analytics available in the dashboard. We create an entity map that correlates the importance of specific entities. Important and infrequent entities are often hard to find in complex cases. Our machine learning techniques are expanded once entities are scored and users can research insights between entities.

Key features of BRG Analytics Dashboard include:

  • Entity Analytics
  • People and Entity Relationship Analytics
  • Heat Maps
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Integrated with RelativityOne