Cantilever Technologies LLC

Cantilever provides software development services to Relativity partners and customers seeking to build custom applications and integrate external applications with Relativity.

Relativity custom development services and expertise.

Whether it’s vetting the feasibility of a new eDiscovery workflow, developing small- and large-scale applications for managing unstructured data, or an objective perspective on the effectiveness of your in-house custom applications, Cantilever provides the type of expertise you receive from a consulting firm as well as the agility you expect from a technology firm.

Cantilever believes that context switching, the practice of and individual or team managing multiple projects at once, reduces efficiency and can compromise results. When you partner with us for custom development and consulting services we limit other projects ensuring you receive unparalleled attention and the experience, leadership, and technical know-how to achieve success.

Cantilever’s services include any of the following based on your needs:

  • Software development for custom applications and integrations
  • Expertise in requirements analysis and interacting with end-users
  • Root cause analysis for problematic Relativity applications
  • Product ownership
  • Usability consulting
  • Functional testing
  • Operational consulting
  • Agile transformation and leadership

Cantilever's expertise includes:

  • Rapid ideation, development and delivery
  • Over 10 years of experience in eDiscovery
  • Over 10 years of experience customizing Relativity
  • 100% US-based operations