CDS Vision by Complete Discovery Source

CDS Vision is a proprietary dashboard interface for RelativityOne leveraging Relativity Visualizations to put data driven insights at your fingertips. Shift easily between big-picture context and granular detail. The Vision dashboards streamline document review by empowering users at every level to make better decisions.

Start smarter. Let CDS Vision be your guide.

CDS Vision was developed to harness the power of today’s best in breed eDiscovery technology, utilizing advanced visualizations to create an intuitive interface for legal practitioners to navigate the electronic discovery reference model. Designed by the CDS team of attorney technologists, CDS Vision incorporates a proprietary set of filters, workflows and technology that allows users of all technical proficiencies to leverage the full power of RelativityOne.

Key benefits of CDS Vision include:

  • Quickly organize, classify, and prioritize relevant document sets for review
  • Cull out a significant percentage of non-responsive documents
  • Visualize key concepts and communication networks
  • Identify potentially privileged documents within data sets
  • View a detailed coding “Scoreboard” for real time coding decision tracking and conflicts resolution
  • Track data from source media to production
  • Leverage advanced analytics and machine learning to streamline and prioritize review