CDS Vision by Complete Discovery Source

CDS Vision Analysis + Automation leverages CDS’ workflows, filters, and technology along with analytics, automations, and advanced customized reporting functionality to enhance the user experience and extract the full power of RelativityOne. By simply elevating user performance, streamlining collaboration, and automating key processes, CDS Vision delivers faster reviews and reduces overall eDiscovery costs.

Elevate your eDiscovery.

CDS Vision is a suite of proprietary visualizations and automations for RelativityOne designed to enhance the day-to-day experience of eDiscovery project managers, document review managers, and litigation support professionals. Two modules - Analysis + Automation - work together across the various phases of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) to have an immediate impact on review efficiency, accuracy, speed and cost. Vision Analysis’ customized dashboards offer more than 30 predefined visualizations that put matter-specific needs in sharp focus. Vision Automation operationalizes critical workflows, replacing tedious manual calculations and driving data-informed decisions.

Key benefits of CDS Vision include:

  • Quickly organize, classify, and prioritize relevant and privileged documents
  • Cull non-responsive documents
  • Visualize key concepts and communication networks
  • Track real-time coding decisions and conflicts resolution
  • Visually enhanced and automated overturn tracking
  • Streamlined “set-and-forget” custom reporting options
  • Cost-saving CDS RelativityOne cloud governance
  • Active Learning Score automation