Control Risks Translation by Control Risks

Control Risks Translation is a language translation solution which allows users to submit foreign language data for automated, highly scalable translation on the fly without leaving Relativity. The resulting translation files are linked side-by-side with the original documents for concurrent review and analysis.

Fully Integrated Machine Translation Tool

Control Risks Translation allows clients to streamline and simplify large-scale international reviews, where the cost and efficiency of staffing native speakers would be prohibitive, and offers the ability to translate each file into a multitude of languages–all accessible in line with the original file in Relativity. Users can submit foreign language data to be processed and linked back to the original file right from Relativity’s document viewer. The resulting translations can be easily incorporated into existing review, production, or analytics workflows.

Benefits of Control Risks Translation include:

  • Machine translation tool supports over 100 languages
  • Multiple output languages can be concurrently associated with the same original document
  • Translation files are linked back to the original within the same document viewer
  • Translation text can be indexed (with dtSearch and Relativity Analytics) to become fully searchable