Delegate by Milyli

Delegate, a Milyli product, empowers Relativity Server users to do more tasks, more easily with advanced Automated Workflows and Administration Permissions settings.

Use Delegate to automate repetitive tasks, manage complex permissions, and create user and group level access settings for specific workspaces and matters.

How Do Delegate Automations Work?

  1. Define Workflow Steps
  2. Set Up Activation
  3. Return to Work, Sleep, or Play

How Do Delegate Permissions Work?

  1. Receive Permissions Request
  2. Create Delegate Administrator
  3. Empower Clients Securely

Benefits of Delegate include:

  • Give your clients the power to handle day-today tasks like password resets without admin intervention.
  • Save precious litigation support time by delegating user and group creation to the right audience with delegate profiles.
  • Accelerate your case startup by automating key tasks such as building dtSearch indexes, running analytics, or executing Relativity scripts.
  • Stay on top of user activity and have insight into the exact changes made with in-depth audits.

Features of Delegate include:

  • Seamlessly integrates with Relativity 10 and above
  • Delegate user, group, matter, and workspace creation to clients without making them system administrators
  • Utilize a template to mass import users and automate the Relativity invitation workflow
  • Manage every detail of access from configuring authentication providers to workspace admin groups
  • Automate the execution of dtSearches, analytics, search term reports, Relativity scripts, and more

See Delegate in Action