Deloitte Assisted Translation by Deloitte

Deloitte Assisted Translation is an intuitive application that enables automated on-the-fly non-English language document translation. With high-throughput rapid automated translation technology, the technology has the potential to bring efficiency and improved accuracy to producing discoverable foreign language documents.

Reviewing foreign language documents

Deloitte Assisted Translation facilitates the language-translation allowing an organization’s legal team and its outside counsel to search across large data sets and translate foreign language documents. The tool integrates with the suite of tools built on Relativity’s eDiscovery platform that allows users to search through a large population of documents, export extracted text, send it through a translation server, and have the translated text imported to the database, all at the “click of a button” which demonstrates the scalability, robustness and the cutting-edge technology embedded. The add-on may potentially reduce the time required for translation while providing consistent, careful results.

Key benefits of Deloitte Assisted Translation include:

  • Multi-language automated text translation at a time (autodetect mode)
  • Increases the determination of relevancy during document review
  • Reduces cost by limiting non-English records that require formal review
  • Ability to machine translate on-the-fly inside Relativity Viewer
  • Ability to identify non-translated documents
  • Data produced in its original state