Deloitte Audio Discovery powered by TrueVoice

Deloitte Audio Discovery, powered by TrueVoice provides an end-to-end, comprehensive audio monitoring and surveillance solution. Leveraging the capabilities of TrueVoice, a Deloitte proprietary technology, the application allows users to transcribe, play, visualise and search transcriptions with speaker separation and voice-to-transcript intelligent matching.

Deloitte Audio Discovery won "Best Innovation: Service Provider Award" at the 2020 Relativity Fest Innovation Awards.

A Breakthrough Audio Monitoring and Surveillance Solution

Deloitte Audio Discovery powered by TrueVoice provides a new comprehensive solution for review and analysis of audio and video data, allowing users to conduct audio and video surveillance alongside monitoring of other communication formats, all from within Relativity.

Using leading transcription software enhanced with Deloitte machine-learning algorithms, the solution offers an enriched review experience:

  • Bespoke player with auto scroller and intelligent click-to-skip allows users to quickly and efficiently identify key information.
  • Powerful voice sentiment analysis provides accurate insights into individuals and interactions, highlighting suspicious or vulnerable communications.
  • Seamless integration allows the user to search and analyse audio together with other data types, leveraging advanced analytics to enable a holistic understanding of the high risk communication areas.

The solution enables an accurate, customisable and quick assessment of audio and video data, synchronised in tandem with review of other data types, to deliver an innovative yet familiar user experience throughout the review, analysis and production life cycle of a surveillance matter.

TrueVoice, a Deloitte proprietary technology, uses transcription and AI to analyse behaviour and emotion on every call, helping you to quickly identify risks and highlight areas of concern. As it monitors your communications, it can provide insight into risk and ensure compliance in line with standards set by regulatory bodies and organisations.

Key benefits of Deloitte Audio Discovery include:

  • Full solution audio and video player for analysis, review and presentation all directly integrated within the Relativity platform, reducing overhead associated with multiple platforms and vendors and ultimately saving costs.
  • Leverage AI analytics in Relativity to cluster and classify audio data together with other file types, enabling a consistent, reliable and highly accurate way of identifying areas of risk.
  • Improve transcription speed through our bespoke extraction and integration methodologies, allowing a team to run targeted searches to perform accurate early case assessment on audio data, and reduce time and costs from for review drastically.
  • Karaoke-style playback with corresponding highlight of text and auto-scroll, as well as Click-to-skip enabled controls, provide reviewers with a less laborious review experience, ensuring time is spent on making legal decisions rather than manually controlling the playback.
  • Sentiment analysis of voice through the detection of positive, neutral or negative sentiments, allowing users to search by sentimentality and provide a greater insight into the interactions beyond the words spoken.
  • Visualised Wav form for audio data that allows users to identify sections of audio containing high activity.
  • Visualised search term reports with dynamic controls enabling you to skip-to-responsive-hits and the more relevant sections of the audio playback.
  • Speaker separation for different voices delivering an improved review experience, reducing difficulty in understanding cross-talk.
  • Wide range of language support with 40 languages and dialects, providing a universal transcription capability regardless of where the surveillance is required.
Deloitte Audio Discovery: 2020 and 2023 Innovation Awards Winner - Solution Provider

2020 & 2023