Elevate Billing Tool by Elevate Services

Elevate Billing Tool is an application that streamlines both the billing processes and estimates for Elevate customers.

Elevate Billing Tool – streamline the billing process

With Elevate Billing, you can see all your billing-specific information. There is a custom report with details of cost-incurring processes (such as analytics and hosting) as well as a custom report depicting the total cost for these processes for any given time. This tool compiles all of Relativity’s standard scripts into one custom report that contains only the information needed for end of month billing. Elevate Billing Tool will streamline the end-of-month billing process and reduce manual input.

Benefits of Elevate Billing Tool include:

  • Custom report with all end-of-month billing details in one place
  • Accurate and efficient mid-month reporting capabilities
  • Streamline billing process and reduce manual input