Everchron is a revolutionary case management platform for litigation and investigations. Integration with Relativity means you can seamlessly send key documents and metadata from Relativity directly to your Everchron matters.

Next Level Litigation®

Everchron provides a collaborative workspace for attorneys to discuss and analyze documents, facts, and witnesses. Integration with Relativity allows you to send documents and map metadata directly to Everchron without leaving the Relativity platform. Move seamlessly from document identification and review in Relativity toward further substantive analysis, collaboration, and witness preparation within the Everchron platform.

Key features include:

  • Chronologies: Connect your key documents, facts, and witnesses in a dynamic chronology that is always up to date.
  • Automated Witness Files: Witness files are automatically generated and optimized by linking individual witnesses with key evidence and case documents.
  • Advanced Analytics: Uncover connections between witnesses based on their involvement in the case, their relationships with each other, and other pertinent facts and issues.
  • Team Collaboration: Annotate, comment on, and share case documents with contributors within your organization and also outside it–like clients, experts, or co-counsel.
  • Master File: Everchron provides an intuitive filing system for all of your case documents. Quickly filter your master file to find exactly what you need, without the typical noise in a document management system or network drive.
  • Docket Sync: Sync up your matters with any docket on PACER, as well as proceedings before the ITC, PTAB, or TTAB.