Chat eDiscovery by LightHouse

LightHouse Chat eDiscovery is designed to produce distinct chat transcripts allowing efficient and rapid review of Instant Messaging Platforms like Bloomberg, Skype, Lync and many others.

Chat eDiscovery integration within Relativity


Chat eDiscovery’s integration into Relativity introduces a whole new way to review instant messaging data. The chat transcripts are represented dynamically, allowing the reviewer to decide on the fly what messages are relevant for the investigation and which can be suppressed (e.g. disclaimers, system messages and even duplicate messages) to increase efficiency.


  • The reviewer can dynamically turn disclaimers and system messages on and off. This provides the flexibility to concentrate solely on the user-generated messages during the review.
  • Deduplication on the message level, combined with the option to suppress potentially irrelevant messages (like system events or disclaimers), reduces the total time required for review by 40 percent, on average.
  • Based on the metadata provided by Chat eDiscovery and what’s available within Relativity, further filtering can be performed on various fields: Custodian, Transcript Room Name, Transcript Start Time and Date, Transcript End Time and Date, Transcript Event Count, Transcript Participant Count, Transcript Attachment Count, Transcript Active Participants, Transcript Viewers Only, Transcript Company Names and many others.
  • The original evidence, provided for every single chat transcript, includes the full track of evidence and is referenced inside Relativity.
  • In addition to Bloomberg, Skype, and Lync, many other chat types–which have been sourced from different archives–are supported.
  • Chat eDiscovery is designed to pre-process chat data before it is loaded into Relativity.

The Approach

  • Data loading and processing: The user defines what data should be ingested for which custodians. During that process, the agents–which are distributed across different machines–will start detecting the different chat formats and their normalization.
  • Data deduplication: Thanks to the normalization of the source data, all the messages inside the chats are compared to each other to identify duplicates. During the following step, data generation, the chat transcripts will be created without any duplicative messages.
  • Data generation: The chat transcripts are created with an overlay file containing the metadata. The user can choose which transcripts to generate based on keywords, custodians, date ranges and other criteria. There are also three generation strategies implemented: per chat, per chat and custodian, and per source file. The output files are in PDF or XML format. The overlay file is used to ingest the metadata into Relativity.

Benefits of LightHouse Chat eDiscovery Include:

  • One solution for all. Chat eDiscovery offers a unified solution for the pre-processing of different chat types and formats prior to loading the data into Relativity.
  • Support for chat platforms and journaling systems. Instant Bloomberg, Microsoft Lync and Skype, Thomson Reuters Messenger, MindAlign, NeoTalk and Interchange, as well as Bloomberg Vault, Symantec Enterprise Vault, Actiance Vantage and OpenText are all supported.
  • Intuitive interface. The visually appealing web interfaced is based on HTML5 and designed to work with all modern browsers and devices.
  • Data visualization. All chat data can be graphically represented on a timeline and analyzed to identify exceptions and unexpected gaps.
  • Search and filtering. Search and filter on custodians, chat types, dates and keywords to further reduce the amount of data to be processed and reviewed.
  • Visualized communication. Classify data based on patterns, relationships and frequencies of interactions. See who communicates to whom to identify patterns and irregularities.
  • Deduplication. Eliminate duplicated messages and system events across custodians, formats and archiving systems, and remove disclaimers and other system events from the chat to concentrate on relevant content only.
  • Security controls and audit. Access is defined on a per-case basis, and all the actions performed are audited and stored. The built-in audit trail reports assures confidence, persuasion, and indisputability throughout the workflow.
  • On-premises or in the cloud. Chat eDiscovery is designed to work and scale natively on your servers or in the cloud. For higher flexibility and performance, multiple processing agents can be deployed.