GJ Dossier by GeorgeJon

GJ Dossier is a turnkey archiving solution for eDiscovery which enables quick, efficient archiving of cases in RelativityOne and Relativity Server. No extra staffing. No technical expertise required.

Quick, efficient archiving of eDiscovery cases.

With GJ Dossier, your Relativity archival process is now fully automated per your set parameters, leaving you with more time to devote to what truly matters - propelling your company forward and nurturing its business activities. By offloading inactive cases and shrinking production data that may be subject to upgrades and migrations, you can better manage your data footprint, reduce costs and improve ROI.

Key benefits of GJ Dossier include:

  • Control. Configure your archiving parameters down to the matter level.
  • Notify. Setup notification emails for contacts or groups.
  • Store. Move inactive cases to Cold Storage reducing storage dependency.
  • Archive. Move data to GJ’s secured and monitored Microsoft Azure blob storage.
  • Delete. Delete workspaces per your setup parameters after data has been archived.
  • Monitor. View your archive activity with the GJ Dossier proprietary dashboard.