GloZone for Relativity by Global Lingo

GloZone for Relativity creates an effortless approach to requesting translation of legal documentation securely from Relativity. For over a decade, Global Lingo has been a globally recognised language services partner for the legal sector. We have perfected workflows and ensured 24/7 availability to service law firms, e-discovery companies, and corporate legal departments, anytime, anywhere.

Legal Translation Made Easy

GloZone for Relativity is a connector that efficiently and securely allows law firms, e-discovery companies, and corporate legal departments to transfer their legal documents for high quality professional foreign language translation. We understand that time is money; GloZone for Relativity helps reduce the time required to obtain either human or machine translation, meaning that your legal department can focus less on administration and more on fee generating activity. Being ISO27001 certified, we understand the importance of your file security. Translated files can be securely downloaded directly from within your Relativity instance in their native file format.

Benefits of GloZone for Relativity include:

  • Security: Translated files are not emailed or sent to you via a separate SFTP upon completion but kept stored in our ISO27001 certified servers to reduce file duplication and file accessibility risk.
  • Efficiency: Transfer files via the secure GloZone for Relativity connector removing the need to send files via email or separate SFTP. Original file names are maintained with language identifiers mitigating file tracking issues.
  • Scalability: Whether you are one user or over 100 users, the connector has no maximum capacity ensuring consistent service delivery.
  • Transparency: Project status updates built into Relativity ensure full transparency throughout the process removing any unknown factors.