H5 Matter Intelligence®

No more surprises! H5, a leading provider of eDiscovery and technology-assisted review services, enhances the Relativity experience with H5 Matter Intelligence®, a combination of powerful billing, collaboration, and infrastructure tools that provide extensive visibility into your matters for maximum knowledge and project control.

More knowledge. More control.

Control costs and manage resources more effectively by and across matters with a robust dashboard providing real-time, aggregated information. Collaborate across organizations to share calendars, tasks and matter knowledge. Keep tabs on infrastructure health with alerts and notifications for better management. And, to stay informed – a customizable, automated notification system that provides timely intelligence for all modules so that users can take immediate action to keep their matters on track.

How H5 Matter Intelligence helps inform good decision-making:

Billing/pricing transparency and resource management

  • Real-time and historical visibility into billing activity by and across matters, with automatic calculations and month-end billing projections of hosting and user fees gathered directly from Relativity
  • Detailed billing summary reports in your inbox, based on a frequency that you control
  • Reviewer progress by review group, batch set or field, reporting on demand or available on a customizable schedule that fits your needs – and more!

Collaboration Center for information sharing

  • Collaborate among review and technical teams in matter based feeds to create/assign tasks, set priorities and due dates, share updates, attach files and links, or communicate directly through one-on-one or group chats.
  • Create/share calendar events to track deposition, discovery, and production schedules; attach files and links and enable discussions within an event feed
  • Use the centralized matter knowledge base to store key decisions, exemplar feedback, case facts and data for easy organization and research by other group users – and more!

Infrastructure Center for workspace monitoring

  • Maintain full visibility into environment uptime, RTO, and RPO scores and track user activity globally across workspaces to monitor trends in activity levels 24/7
  • Receive customized, real-time notifications/alerts of environment details (e.g., long running queries, high document conversion rates, resource throttling, and storage usage notices) – and more!

Automated notification/reporting system

  • Automated, configurable real-time email and in-app notification options for actionable information about the matter activities described above, including billing thresholds, workspace activity reports, and infrastructure alerts
H5 Matter Intelligence: 2017 Innovation Awards Winner - Solution Provider