Collect, produce, and present dynamic content in a meaningful way. Anything you see in a browser can be captured and reviewed in Relativity at the click of a button. Social media, websites, interactive content, and collaborative platforms are no longer complex sources– with Hanzo, they are at your fingertips for faster, more productive review.

e-Discovery for the Interactive Age

Excelling in complex scenarios where context is key–such as social media engagement, interactive web content, and enterprise collaboration platforms–Hanzo captures content in its native format, so you can interact with the collected data like it’s living evidence. Configurable implementation options give you the automation you need to support sophisticated information governance strategies or the flexibility to collect on-demand. You’ll gain all of this powerful technology, along with the precision of human detail. From quality assurance to expert testimony and certification of the evidentiary authenticity of a capture, Hanzo’s best-in-class team is supporting you for the win.

Benefits of Hanzo include:

  • Work faster: With Hanzo you can pull native format captures directly into Relativity at the click of a button so you’re focusing on essential activity instead of technical administration.
  • Work smarter: Use Hanzo to review archived content, metadata, PDFs, extracted text, and native format links without disrupting your workflow. No more imports and exports.
  • BETA Review in context: The internet is no longer static, so why is your evidence? Filled with links, dropdowns, calculators, forms, video, social interactions, and various types of dynamic content, electronic discovery is now interactive. With Hanzo’s native viewer for Relativity, you can navigate and review your collections in context as though you were engaging with them live.

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