Custom Development Services by icourts

icourts is a legal technology consultancy providing specialist advisory, managed services and custom development solutions. We service the legal vertical across private sector businesses and government agencies. icourts creates off-the-shelf and custom developed applications to solve real world problems in the legal industry.

Automate the tedious.

icourts leverages their unique position as both e-discovery solutions provider and developer to create technical solutions to real world problems.

First-hand knowledge of the challenges facing legal teams enables the development solutions team to improve time-consuming, laborious and inefficient processes.

The development solutions team understands technology can make every area of the legal profession easier to understand, navigate and operate within.

icourts has developed applications to solve a broad range of problems including:

  • Improving workflow and team productivity
  • Supporting workplace flexibility
  • Streamlining court hearings

Winners of the Relativity Fest Best Innovation: Solution Provider for the custom application, Go, providing RelativityOne users with the capacity to review and code documents on an iPad.

Please contact icourts at or visit for more information.

Types of applications icourts has built:

  • Custom webpage and agent development to facilitate automation, workflows optimization and custom development. Examples:
    • Document hyperlinking
    • Data conversion and transformation
    • Automated billing and invoicing
  • Page event handler creation to extend and improve:
    • Existing UI platform
    • User function and features on existing Relativity modules
  • IOS development:
    • Relativity Identity server authentication
    • Mobile friendly product development to interact with the Relativity API platform
    • Custom API development
  • Product development across multiple functions including:
    • Workflow customization
    • Automation to reduce tedious and repetitive tasks
    • UX and UI consultation and design
    • Product scope, definition, prototype, test and development

Custom Relativity applications: