Quickly find documents referenced in document or list

Import Search automates the time-consuming process of taking a court filing and manually crafting the searches to find the related documents. Designed with ease-of-use in mind, users drag and drop a file or paste a list from their clipboard to find related documents in Relativity. Quickly identify matches and mismatches on large number of inputs (>1MM).

Benefits of Import Search include:

  • Multiple types of input
    • Structured: Excel, csv, text
      • Select the column containing the searchable list
    • Unstructured: Word, PDF, others supported by Relativity
      • Finds bates numbers / control numbers based on configurable patterns
  • Finds Bates Numbers including middle pages or selected metadata fields
  • Identify documents that match input terms and apply tag and save as a search
  • Mismatches includes suggested potential matches