Intelligent Audio / Video Player by Intelligent Voice

Free installation and use of the Intelligent Voice Media Player is available for un-transcribed or pre-transcription media of any amount, across all Relativity instances and territories.

Intelligent Audio / Video Player screenshot

It provides all transcription-independent features of the Intelligent Voice Player for cases of any size. Intelligent Voice provides licenses for this player at no cost.

An auto-scrolling zoomable waveform with an elapsed time axis identifies periods of silence and non-speech noise.

Users can navigate to any particular time in a recording and then skip through any irrelevant speech using player controls, skip past non-speech using the navigable waveform, and then listen to any relevant speech more quickly, and if needs be more clearly, with the playback rate slider.

Use cases for the Intelligent Voice Media Player include:

  • Matters where set points in a recording must be reviewed, for example trade reconstruction
  • Audio / Video that is predominantly non-speech noise and / or silence
  • Smaller datasets that may not merit keyword searching
  • ECA for all manner of cases

With the Intelligent Voice Player in Relativity there’s no need to guess where approximately a given time sits on the scrub bar, to make do with real-time only playback when listening to any speech, or to wait and listen through any silence until dialogue resumes.

Media file batch corruption detection and duration determination are also included for Relativity Search Sets. Media file durations can be listed in your preferred format or formats in the Document List, for example both H:MM:SS and also numeric decimal hours, minutes or seconds.

This enables the total duration of playable media for a Relativity Search Set or Workspace to be summed up, to the sub-second, without having to manually convert from H:MM:SS format or the media ever leaving the Relativity instance.

The total time spent on calls between given custodians, or between a given custodian and another party or parties, and the average duration of those calls, can be calculated and analyzed for different stages of the case timeline in the workspace.

The duration detection also provides a double-check for any corrupt, encrypted or unplayably large files loaded into Relativity, with the ability to flag up and investigate. No need to click into individual recordings to find out if they will play, or what their playable duration is.

There’s also no need to transcode or pre-process media files, or to link your Relativity instance to any Intelligent Voice account, to begin enjoying faster productivity for audio and video files of any amount, for free, across any and all cases and workspaces. Simply reach out and request.