Free to Use

Intelligent Audio / Video Player by Intelligent Voice

Free installation and use of the Intelligent Voice Media Player is available for un-transcribed or pre-transcription media of any amount, across all Relativity instances and territories:

Intelligent Audio / Video Player Video in Eco mode screenshot

It provides all transcription-independent features of the Intelligent Voice Player for cases of any size, for both Relativity Server and RelativityOne, including RelativityOne Repository Workspaces.

Intelligent Voice provides licenses for this player at no cost.

A zoomable waveform with an elapsed time axis identifies periods of silence and non-speech noise, long or short, including on longer recordings.

Users can instantly navigate to any elapsed time in a recording via direct sub-second timestamp entry, the zoomable waveform, or the separate end-to-end waveform.

Users can then skip through any irrelevant speech using player controls, skip right past non-speech using the navigable waveform, and listen to any relevant speech either more quickly or more clearly, at precise 0.1 real-time increments.

The Intelligent Voice Media Player also comes with an Eco display mode, independent of browser settings.

The navigable waveforms and the player as a whole can be viewed in full screen using Relativity’s Pop Out Viewer mode:

Intelligent Audio / Video Player - pop out viewer screenshot

With the Intelligent Voice Media Player there’s no need to guess where approximately a given time sits on the scrub bar, to wait and listen through any silence or non-speech noise until dialogue resumes, or to make do with real-time only playback with no skip ahead capabilities when listening to actual speech.

Deploy either environment-wide or push the application to specific workspaces, with no need to transcode or pre-process the media files.

The Intelligent Voice Media Player can be downloaded as a standalone playable file with all the same functionality, rather than make do with downloading and distributing the native file:

Intelligent Audio / Video Player - Standalone player screenshot

Media Duration Determination

Media file duration determination and corruption detection are also included, for free, including for RelativityOne Repository Workspaces:

Intelligent Audio / Video Player - Detect audio length screenshot

This enables a Relativity Search Set or Workspace to be sized by playable duration as well as file size. Media file durations can be listed in both H:MM:SS and summable millisecond formats:

Intelligent Audio / Video Player - Anglo Irish Bank files screenshot

The total duration of playable media for the full range of selection criteria can be summed up, to the sub-second, without having to manually convert from H:MM:SS.

Intelligent Audio / Video Player - Anglo Irish Bank totals screenshot

No need to rely on absent or potentially inaccurate metadata, or to open individual media files to confirm their actual playable duration.

The total time spent on calls between given custodians, or between a given custodian and another party or parties, and the average duration of those calls, can be calculated and analyzed for different stages of the case timeline in the workspace.

Media File Corruption Detection

For any corrupt or encrypted files loaded into Relativity, dedicated error messages are returned into the Document List, along with zero durations.

No risk of expecting to be able to play a particular audio or video file, only for the viewer to then fail to render.

No need to open individual media files to see whether they can be played or not.

Deploy for both RelativityOne and Server

Enjoy faster productivity for audio and video files of any amount, for free, across any and all workspaces for Relativity Server and RelativityOne, for both Repository and Review Workspaces.

You can review the End User License Agreement here and then let us know you approve, or reach out to us first if you have any questions, or would like a quick walk through.