Intelligent Voice Compliance Monitoring by Intelligent Voice

Used by regulatory authorities, law enforcement agencies, forensic eDiscovery specialists, law firms and in-house compliance monitoring and eDiscovery teams, Intelligent Voice is the only discovery and compliance monitoring solution for unstructured audio and video content to support the entire process from ingestion and transcription, Relativity Search, Conceptual Analytics and Active Learning, through to redactions and productions of both media and text, without the reviewer or the data ever leaving the Relativity platform.

Intelligent Voice Compliance Monitoring screenshot
  • Intelligent Voice's ability to push audio into the compliance workflow enables customers to identify potential bad activity across a wider array of data sources within their organisations.
  • Monitoring is available for over 25 spoken languages and dialects, all available Edge on-prem, and with automatic language detection.
  • Additional data types from monitored voice devices, such as Chat and SMS, can also be ingested directly by Intelligent Voice and alerted on.
  • Client deployments monitor every communication, every day, from thousands of monitored users across their devices, across the globe, with many speaking multiple languages.
  • Intelligent Voice's ultra-high-speed GPU powered speech recognition algorithms ensure all alerted communications are available for T+1 compliance review.
  • All from a single Edge, on premise or private cloud deployment, maintaining full data privacy.
  • The small footprint offered by Intelligent Voice's GPU powered speech recognition also means significantly lower operating costs and reduced environmental impact.

Intelligent Voice Communications Review Player

The Intelligent Voice Player provides a highly accurate automatically transcribed index that is speaker separated and synchronized within the media review player.

A navigable executive summary of interesting things said is provided as a sidebar in the player, with any responsive Relativity alert terms separately listed. These Intelligent Voice Tags, generated from a proprietary patented algorithm detailed in New Scientist magazine, serve a number of purposes:

  1. An Executive Summary of the recording for assessing responsiveness.
  2. Provide Jump To navigation for assessing key portions of the record. Who first introduced a particular topic into the conversation? Where did discussions on it wind up? Who had the final word?
  3. Allow users to identify themes & concepts in the audio review, providing insight without having to review entire recordings.
  4. Surface Blind Spots & Unknown Unknowns, whether that be things described more explicitly over the phone than in writing, or matters not raised at all in written communications, providing a more robust and defensible set of alert terms specifically for voice.
  5. Reduce variation in summarization & interpretation between different users for the same recording.
  6. May enable some initially responsive items to be ruled out without audio review.

The Intelligent Voice Player supports over two dozen American, Asian and European languages, including multiple dialects and accents, as well as the ability to detect and transcribe accent and language changes mid-conversation.

Words are suggested for what might otherwise be unintelligible portions of speech, not just from the karaoke play-along through the displayed transcribed index, but also the optional sub & sur-titling of additional suggestions, along with the ability to reduce the playback rate below real-time.

The ability to alert on identified alternatives for borderline unintelligible audio, made available alert term by alert term, returns highly accurate results independent of audio quality.