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Intelligent Voice Exhibit Production by Intelligent Voice

In addition to the features detailed in the separate listings for Indexing & Analytics and Redactions & DSARs and their associated Founder and C-Suite CEO endorsements, Intelligent Voice also provides a range of exhibit production and evidence presentation capabilities at no additional cost.

A Web Video Text Track Transcript – a Web VTT – based on the automatically transcribed index of the media file can be produced alongside the standalone HTML player for the audio or video.

Intelligent Voice Exhibits screenshot

The Web VTT’s automatically transcribed text will include any custom terminology for the case that had been added to the workspace lexicon, and will track any change from one spoken language to another during the recording itself.

Intelligent Voice Exhibits screenshot

The transcript will be channel separated by for any stereo or multi-channel tracks, and can be separated by speaker for any mono / single track recording.

The timing separation between successive segments of text within the Web VTT, corresponding to which portions of a presented video should show what text as Closed Captioning, can be finessed to the nearest tenth of a second prior to production. The start and end timestamps for each successive numbered segment of text are then shown to the millisecond.

The Web VTT file can be produced either from within Relativity itself, or from within the standalone HTML player for an audio or video file that had already been produced from Relativity. Within Relativity both single file and bulk production workflows are available for Web VTT files.

Text segments can be edited, formatted and punctuated prior to being used to caption a video presentation, as well as forming the basis for presented transcripts.

Intelligent Voice Exhibit Preparation

The Web VTT is initially produced as a custom .vtt mime type which can be opened and edited in any standard text editor or viewer such as Notepad or Word.

The Web VTT can be converted into any recognised text file or document format such as .txt, .docx or .pdf, or into a line-by-line format such as .csv or .xlsx.

To assist with editing and optimizing the transcript, the alternatives identified by Intelligent Voice for any ambiguous terminology or unclear speech can be reviewed karaoke-style in either the standalone HTML player or Relativity Player, or in the Extracted Text Lattice from Relativity.

Intelligent Voice Exhibits screenshot

It’s also possible to produce the Tags that appear on the left-hand side of the player in a semicolon separated text file.

The private, generative AI narrative description can also be produced.

Intelligent Voice Exhibit Presentation

The optimized video-aligned closed captioning, whether as a .vtt or format converted to .srt or .ttml, can be used to display the relevant transcribed text on-screen as the video is played.

The video itself will contain any audio redactions as previously applied inside Relativity, without blacking out the video itself.

A transcript can also be presented in the preferred format for each audio or video file played, whether the starting point for the presented transcript had been a Web VTT or the Extracted Text.

For the list of exhibits, the actual playable duration of each media file can be generated in dedicated document list columns in Relativity for both numeric and H:MM:SS formats and then produced and presented, regardless of the accuracy or availability of file duration metadata.

Intelligent Voice Pricing

  • The only cost from Intelligent Voice Limited is for the speech to text processing undertaken prior to producing.
  • If speech to text processing had already been undertaken for Analytics or Search, or for Redactions or DSARS, then the voice evidence presentation capabilities are available at no additional charge.
  • If speech to text is required specifically to enable redacted productions of media and / or text, a to-the-cent pre-processing billing assessment enables the cost to be determined prior to any processing.
  • Free use for approved Relativity Justice for Change projects, leveraging the unique capabilities of Intelligent Voice and Relativity to positively impact racial and social justice in our communities.

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