Intelligent Voice PCI Compliance by Intelligent Voice

Endorsed by Zendesk Inc for providing their customers with access to accurate and reliable automated Payment Card Information redaction, Intelligent Voice’s bulk automated redaction for PCI Compliance is available at any stage from Collection onwards of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model.

Intelligent Voice PCI Compliance uses advanced AI techniques to transcribe recorded calls to the highest possible accuracy and with a specific focus on number streams and any spoken months. It then targets credit card details to securely and automatically expunge them from the recordings.

GPU-based analysis and redaction, with proprietary Intelligent Voice algorithms further accelerating NVIDIA GPU processing, minimizes the duration of time in which PCI is present in-clear in your call recordings.

Deploy In Any Location At Any Time

Intelligent Voice PCI Compliance can be run in whatever environment the data resides, be that on the edge, in a data center, or private cloud.

PCI compliance risk can be mitigated at any stage of the process, be that ahead of the data being imported into Relativity, or as a native file swap process, or as post-production, pre-presentation workflow.

Proven Capabilities

“Wicked smart people, domain expertise, and a unique GPU speech processing solution that gives our customers access to accurate and reliable PCI services. Amazing technology, amazing people. I couldn't imagine a better partner for us or our customers than Intelligent Voice.”
MAYA-LUIS GALVIN, Head of Tiger Teams, Zendesk Inc

From Intelligent Voice