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Intelligent Voice Redactions & DSARs by Intelligent Voice

Used by regulatory authorities, law enforcement agencies, forensic eDiscovery specialists, law firms and in-house compliance monitoring and eDiscovery teams, Intelligent Voice is the only audio solution that covers the twin Relativity use cases of Redactions and Data Subject Access Requests.

Intelligent Voice Redaction screenshot

Authorised users can create an audio redaction overlay by clicking and dragging across the desired word or words in the automatically transcribed index.

Audio redaction overlays can also be created by entering sub-second start & end timestamps:

Intelligent Voice Redaction - Redact by timestamps screenshot

Users can then preview files with redactions applied, to ensure the file has been properly redacted, prior to production.

Supported Audio Redaction Scenarios

Intelligent Voice supports Data Subject Access Requests under GDPR, FOIA, etc. as well as redacted productions and disclosures for civil litigation, regulatory requests, etc for both Relativity Server and RelativityOne.

Intelligent Voice supports multiple concurrent redacted versions of the same audio / video file within Relativity, whether for separate review teams and / or multiple requesting parties, any one of which can be produced at any point. As such Intelligent Voice in Relativity supports any and all combinations of the following redaction scenarios:

  1. Teams with different expertise, e.g.: one team focuses on profanity or irrelevance, whilst another team focuses on assessments of privilege
  2. Hierarchies within a team, e.g.: where paralegals apply draft redactions for approval, and reviewers confirm and approve.
  3. Different requesting parties, e.g.: multiple parties on the same call recording, with the attorneys for different parties requesting different redactions to the same recording.
  4. Sequential or overlapping requests regarding the same party, for example where a case custodian submits a DSAR mandating a response ahead of the case disclosure schedule, and with separate redactions required.
  5. Separate regimes & redaction rules within a given jurisdiction, e.g.:
    • Disciplinary
    • Regulatory
    • Litigation
    • Criminal Justice
  6. Variations in privacy requirements across different jurisdictions, e.g.:
    • New York versus Frankfurt
    • California versus Texas

Any and all combination of these scenarios are concurrently supported within both RelativityOne and Relativity Server.

Audio Redaction Workflows

A redacted copy of the native file is only required if redacted words are to be hidden from dtSearch etc. or / and if a redacted version of the file is confirmed as being both fit for and required for production.

A redacted copy of the native file is not needed to enable a separate user to then review and / or amend, or to save a user’s own changes between sessions.

Each step in the redacted production is available Single File, or as a Bulk Process, or as combinations of the two:

  1. Creating a Redacted Copy of the Native file
  2. Swapping the Redacted Copy in to become the Native
  3. Produce the Redacted Copy
  4. Reverting the Native to the original uploaded file

Redacted files integrate with Relativity’s own native production processes for both single file downloads and bulk production sets, whether for media, text, or both.

As such both redacted and unredacted objects can be combined in the same single Relativity production set, with the same production processes followed whether files have been redacted or not.

Audio Redaction Pricing

  • The only cost from Intelligent Voice Limited is for the speech to text processing undertaken prior to redacting.
  • If speech to text processing had already been undertaken for Analytics or Search, then redactions become available at no additional charge.
  • If speech to text is required specifically to enable redacted productions of media and / or text, a to-the-cent pre-processing billing assessment enables the cost to be determined prior to any processing.
  • Free use for approved Relativity Justice for Change projects, leveraging the unique capabilities of Intelligent Voice and Relativity to positively impact racial and social justice in our communities.

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