Intelligent Audio / Video Discovery & Compliance

Used by regulatory authorities, law enforcement agencies, forensic eDiscovery specialists, law firms and in-house compliance monitoring and eDiscovery teams, Intelligent Voice is the only discovery and compliance monitoring solution for unstructured audio and video content to support the entire process from ingestion and transcription, Relativity Search, Conceptual Analytics and Active Learning, through to redactions and productions of both media and text, without the reviewer or the data ever leaving the Relativity platform.

Intelligent Voice Free Media Player

Free installation and use of the Intelligent Voice Player for untranscribed or pretranscribed media of any amount, in any and all workspaces.

A proprietary plugin within the Relativity document viewer locally converts an audio or video file into a Relativity native. It provides all transcription-independent features of the Intelligent Voice Player, free of charge in Relativity, for cases of any size.

An auto-scrolling waveform with an elapsed time axis identifies periods of silence and non-speech noise.

Users can navigate to any particular time in a recording and then skip through any irrelevant speech using player controls, skip past non-speech using the navigable waveform, and then listen to any relevant speech more quickly, and if needs be more clearly, with the playback rate slider.

Media file batch corruption detection and duration determination are also included, for free, in Relativity. The dedicated User Guide for the Free Player also includes a separate documented Intelligent Culling process to avoid loading collected media that will not be of evidential value.

Use cases for the Intelligent Voice Free Player include:

  • Matters where set points in a recording must be reviewed, for example trade reconstruction
  • Audio / Video that is predominantly non-speech noise and / or silence
  • Smaller datasets that may not merit keyword searching
  • ECA for all manner of cases

Free installation, use and support of the Intelligent Voice Player for untranscribed media available across all territories, for both RelativityOne and Server. Simply reach out and request.

Intelligent Voice Processed Media Player

The Intelligent Voice Player for processed media provides a highly accurate automatically transcribed index that is speaker separated, searchable and synchronized within the media review player. A navigable executive summary of interesting things said is provided as a sidebar in the player, with any responsive Relativity search or alert terms displayed at the top.

These Intelligent Voice Tags, generated from a proprietary patented algorithm detailed in New Scientist magazine, serve a number of purposes:

  • An Executive Summary of the recording for assessing responsiveness
  • Provide Jump To navigation for assessing key portions of the record. Who first introduced a particular topic into the conversation? Where did discussions on it wind up? Who had the final word?
  • Allow users to identify themes & concepts in the audio review, providing insight without having to review entire recordings
  • Surface Blind Spots & Unknown Unknowns, whether that be things described more explicitly over the phone than in writing, or matters not raised at all in written communications, providing a more robust and defensible set of voice keywords
  • Reduce variation in summarisation & interpretation between different users for the same recording
  • May enable some initially responsive items to be ruled out altogether

The Intelligent Voice Player supports over two dozen American, Asian and European languages, including multiple dialects and accents, as well as the ability to detect and transcribe accent and language changes mid-conversation.

Words are suggested for what might otherwise be unintelligible portions of speech, not just from the karaoke play-along through the displayed transcribed index, but also the optional sub & sur-titling of additional suggestions, along with the ability to reduce the playback rate below real-time.

Intelligent Voice’s AI-based cognitive computing provides a client-verified 70% reduction in costs compared with human listening and manual transcription methods for discovery, regulatory and compliance investigations, data subject access requests, and cyber breach incident response.

Available Edge either on-prem or on your private cloud of choice, or partner hosted or Secure SaaS, using Relativity, RelativityOne and/or Trace, with a range of published case studies, and CEO endorsements of Intelligent Voice’s end-to-end audio and video discovery capabilities in Relativity.

Free trial available in RelativityOne in the US as part of RelativityOne’s Partner Trial Program.

Intelligent Voice Discovery Workflows

  • Process, search, discover, review, categorize and redact, quickly, easily and cost-effectively, without you or the data ever leaving Relativity.
  • For any given matter, the lexicon can be adapted to bias towards the Search Keywords for Voice, ahead of other similar sounding words and phrases, for optimal search retrieval.A simple, sub-one hour process, all within Relativity.
  • Processed audio and video content fits the same Relativity workflows as all other data for review, analysis, redactions and productions, including Relativity Conceptual Analytics and Active Learning. Start with a Relativity Search Set, conclude with one or more Relativity Production Sets.
  • The ability to search identified alternatives for borderline unintelligible audio, made available search term by search term, returns highly accurate results independent of audio quality.
  • Multilingual conversations can be processed in a single run and reviewed in a single item combining all spoken languages.
  • Enables multiple concurrent redacted versions of the same audio file within Relativity, whether for separate review teams or multiple requesting parties, any one of which can be produced at any point.
  • Also supports Data Subject Access Requests under GDPR, FOIA etc, including where a case custodian submits a DSAR mandating a response ahead of the case disclosure schedule, and with separate redactions required.
  • Integrations with Relativity Trace mean automated workflows can obtain, process, transcribe and search all as part of an automated process.
  • Interoperability with language translation providers on the Relativity App Hub enables automatic translation for either search or pre-production purposes.
  • A separate voice biometric identification capability is available prior to Relativity for collection purposes, deployable in jurisdictions where it’s permissible to both create physiological biometric data and use it to uniquely identify an individual.

Intelligent Voice Discovery Functionality

  • Intelligent Voice’s ultra-high-speed GPU powered speech recognition algorithms provide results in a fraction of the time of our competitors and with no loss of accuracy.
  • Intelligent Voice requires no additional installation of software on a user’s local machine, or special integration methods for so-called larger files.
  • Indexing of identified alternative words overcomes the over-retrieval of traditional phonetic-based approaches, whilst also avoiding the under-retrieval of “OCR for Voice” transcriptions that record one word and one word only, regardless of any ambiguity around what may or may not have been said.
  • Transcription is indexed for Keyword and dtSearch, enabling successful Conceptual Analytics and Active Learning, getting you to critical evidence quicker and giving you more time to build your case.
  • Having applied redactions to both audio and text by a simple click and drag, users can preview audio files with redactions applied, to ensure the file has been properly edited, prior to production.
  • All features available, and in the same manner, for both Server and RelativityOne.

Intelligent Voice Discovery Pricing

  • Simple, predictable cost models, with pay as you go pricing options, and no need for native file applications.
  • To the cent pre-processing billing assessments and post-processing confirmations, supporting both daily and intra-day billable cost reporting.
  • Intelligent Voice Free Player reduces the needs for billable speech to text processing of hosted media.
  • Documented intelligent culling processes reduce the volume of media to be hosted in the first instance.
  • Efficiency of GPU versus CPU-based processing, and reduced host for processing time from GPU acceleration, minimizes resource requirements for processing.
  • Free trial available for any RelativityOne customers in the US.
  • Free installation and use of the Intelligent Voice Free Player for untranscribed media of any amount in both RelativityOne and Server, available for all territories.
  • Free use for approved Relativity Justice for Change projects, leveraging the unique capabilities of Intelligent Voice and Relativity to positively impact racial and social justice in our communities.

Intelligent Voice Compliance & Communications Monitoring

  • Intelligent Voice coupled with Relativity Trace provides the industry’s most capable and secure audio / video, email, and chat review platform.
  • Using the combination of Intelligent Voice and Relativity Trace enables clients to proactively monitor and stop suspicious activity, like insider trading, collusion, and improper investment management practices, before they become a problem within its business.
  • Intelligent Voice's ability to push audio into the compliance workflow enables customers to identify potential bad activity across a wider array of data sources within their organisations.
  • Monitoring is available for over 25 spoken languages and dialects, all available Edge on-prem, and with automatic language detection.
  • Additional data types from monitored voice devices, such as Chat and SMS, can also be ingested directly by Intelligent Voice and alerted on.
  • Client deployments monitor every communication, every day, from thousands of monitored users across their devices, across the globe, with many speaking multiple languages.
  • Intelligent Voice's ultra-high-speed GPU powered speech recognition algorithms ensure all alerted communications are available for T+1 compliance review.
  • All from a single Edge, on premise or private cloud deployment, maintaining full data privacy.
  • The small footprint offered by Intelligent Voice's GPU powered speech recognition also means significantly lower operating costs and reduced environmental impact.