JetExport by IngenuityLT

No more endless waiting for exports. JetExport gives users the ability to deploy multiple computers on a single job reducing the time to export productions and saved searches to a fraction of what traditional tools can achieve.

Incredibly fast Relativity exports.

JetExport allows for unprecedented speed. By splitting a single export to multiple physical or virtual machines, users can expect turnaround speeds that are multiple times faster than traditional tools. Have a 500k page production that would normally take 4 hours to export? Run it on 5 machines and get it out in under an hour. Have a 1 million+ page second request production that would normally take multiple days? Use JetExport on 10 machines and have it completed the same day!

Key benefits of JetExport include:

  • Utilize multiple computers to export productions and saved searches from Relativity.
  • Wide range of options to meet complex production requirements.
  • Ability to copy settings from previous exports for easier set up and improved consistency.
  • Smart “order of operations”. JetExport generates the load files first allowing users to make any post-export manipulations even before the natives, text and images have finished exporting.
  • Easily resume exports after network or power outages.