LayerCakeâ„¢ by JND eDiscovery

LayerCake™ is a patent-pending analytics software used by case teams to rapidly prioritize documents prior to review. The LayerCake™ algorithm synchronizes results across Relativity’s analytics and search features to calculate a priority tier ranking for each document in a population.

Review Acceleration through Intelligent Document Prioritization

Using results from active learning, communication analysis, keyword searching and other queries performed in Relativity, LayerCakeâ„¢ learns which documents you like the most and which documents can be suppressed from review.

In LayerCakeâ„¢ lingo, each query or analytics result fed into the LayerCakeâ„¢ engine can be thought of as a layer. As users submit layers, LayerCakeâ„¢ becomes increasingly proficient at distinguishing between responsive and non-responsive documents, updating document priority tier rankings automatically. These rankings can then be used to accelerate review, promote key documents, suppress non-responsive documents from the set and uncover hidden pockets of data.

LayerCake Visualization

Use LayerCakeâ„¢ to:

  • Calculate a single, all-inclusive priority tier ranking for each document based on results across analytics features and document retrieval methods
  • Input results from active learning, communication analysis, keyword searching, clustering and timeline analysis
  • Reduce the total number of documents requiring review
  • Detect relevant documents faster