LegalMation Fact Import from Legal Documents

With just the drag/drop of a complaint/petition, LegalMation automatically “reads” the document and near-instantly extracts all the dates/timelines/facts from the uploaded document. These data points are then automatically populated onto Case Dynamics’ timeline/events section for the case. LegalMation is the only solution of its type, able to structure and extract data from legal documents at scale.

Key features of LegalMation Fact Import include:

  • Instant extraction of key dates, timelines, and factual details such as party names, allegations, etc.
  • Instant case kick-off ability to begin case strategy
  • No need for separate OCR processing
  • Extracted data automatically populated onto the proper Case Dynamics section
  • Eliminate manual extraction and typing which are prone to errors
  • Significant time savings
  • Increased usage of Case Dynamics