LexInsight is an application for hiring contract attorneys for document review projects from within Relativity. Through LexInsight, employers can hire high-quality contract attorneys at a moment’s notice and at a very competitive price.

High-quality document review attorneys at your fingertips!

LexInsight is an e-discovery services marketplace integrated seamlessly with Relativity. The true value of LexInsight lies in its customization for document review needs. Law firms and corporations can find attorneys based on document review experience and licensure, as well as specialized skills such as project management, privilege review, or foreign language expertise. LexInsight Staffing Managers, with an average experience of more than 20 years, provide complete support from extensive vetting of candidates to ensuring minimum turnover. With LexInsight, clients’ projects are staffed quickly with the best document review talent.

What sets LexInsight apart:

  1. Reduced Cost: LexInsight is cost-effective! Clients pay only a small 15% commission on attorneys’ billing rates. No extra charge.
  2. Deep Talent pool: LexInsight marketplace is large network of qualified document review attorneys. Law firms can easily find attorneys for their specialized needs, from foreign language review to subject matter expertise.
  3. Complete transparency: LexInsight provides complete access and control over the entire staffing process, project management and billing.

Key features include:

  • Post your project: Describe your requirements, and post your document review project for free.
  • Evaluate proposals: As soon as you post your project, contract attorneys will start submitting their proposals. Review their profiles and request more information as needed.
  • Find a good match: Search for attorneys based on their location, billing rates, document review experience, foreign language proficiency, subject matter expertise, and more. Get help from LexInsight’s experienced staffing managers.
  • Hire: Hire the best attorneys for your project based on your needs.
  • Provide feedback: Once the project is over, give feedback to your team of attorneys.