Ai Translate Plugin™ for Relativity by Linguistic Systems

The Ai Translate Plugin™ for RelativityOne and the Ai Translate Plugin™ for Relativity enable users of Relativity to translate documents swiftly, securely, and cost-effectively without interrupting their workflow or leaving the Relativity environment.

The plugins provide access to Ai Translate by LSI™, a unique, secure translation services solution formerly branded as Select Translation Service (STS). The solution is a product of Linguistic Systems, Inc. (LSI), and has been in use for nearly a decade–supporting thousands of users and translating hundreds of millions of pages. Clients include major AmLaw 100 and other international law firms, leading eDiscovery service companies, government agencies, and Fortune 500 corporations.

Benefits and Capabilities of Ai Translate

By using the Ai Translate Plugin™ for RelativityOne or the Ai Translate Plugin™ for Relativity, users can create and manage translation orders directly within the Relativity environment and access the full suite of technology and services offered by Linguistic Systems. Specific capabilities include:

  • Instant estimates of translation costs and turnaround time
  • Ability to order five translation service levels from one interface–ranging from the highest quality human translation, to human editing of machine translation results, to rapid inexpensive raw machine translation
  • Machine Translation using Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) technology in 64 language pairs, or AI-based Neural Machine Translation (NMT) technology in 14 language pairs
  • Ability to order human translation from and to as many as 120 languages from Linguistic Systems’ network of 7,500 carefully screened and certified translators
  • Automatic free language detection
  • Ability to use several translation levels within the same project to optimize the quality, turnaround time, and cost associated with each content type and translation purpose
  • Ability to secure project support from Linguistic Systems’ team of translation experts, leveraging the company’s 51 years of deep knowledge across dozens of industries
  • Secure technology and processes: ISO 27001 Information Security Systems certification
  • Quality processes: ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems and ISO 17100 Translation Quality Management Systems certifications

How to Get Started

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