Exolution by Litexn

Exolution is a native file redaction software with the ability to display, search and mass-redact a large number of values across large document collections. Exolution offers built-in PII detection supporting custom PII types based on Regular Expressions, keywords, or a value list. It supports a range of native files including MS Excel, CSV, PDF, RTF, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MSG, MHT, EML and TIFF.

Mass-redact PII, PHI and other sensitive information across a large collection of native files

The ability of Excel files to hide and password-protect sheets, rows, and columns presents unique document review challenges and production problems. Exolution resolves these challenges, saving your team time and money.

Exolution lives by three powerful core mantras:

  1. Don’t Produce what you can’t see: Discover invisible and hidden data that traditional methods can't.
  2. Millions of redactions in minutes: Search and redact millions of values across a large number of documents in minutes.
  3. Location awareness: Save review time and easily QC by quickly pinpointing and jumping to responsive values with a simple click.

Exolution is loaded with advanced features for spreadsheet handling. It identifies duplicate sheets across non-duplicate documents & visually similar sheets, leverages filters (just like in Excel), hides empty cells to make data more readable, and creates threads of the documents.

Key features include:

  • Expose hidden and protected content: Automatically remove internal passwords to make all data visible, identify data located beyond the page boundary or cell display limits, and find invisible data when the text color is the same as the background. Reduce your chance of spoliation of critical but password-protected and invisible content.
  • Large file support: Display very large files and redact natively without the need to download.
  • Global and local search and redact: Powerful global and file-level search-and-redact for PII, custom regular expressions, and a collection of values. Search a large number of different search terms from hundreds of millions of values in seconds, then apply millions of redactions across a large number of files in minutes.
  • Color-coded point-and-click redactions: Associate redaction types with colors to make it easy to apply and locate redactions. Select the redaction area or object and add or remove redactions with a mouse click.
  • Comprehensive display and redact: Redact comments, text-boxes, and images in variety of file types including spreadsheets, PDFs.
  • Rapid and accurate TIFF redaction: Search and Redact hundreds of thousands of pages in a minute. Free of character interpretation issues like confusions between ‘0’ and ‘o’ and ‘1’ and ‘l’.
  • Innovative PII explorer: Apply mass redactions to a large number of documents in seconds, boosting review speed significantly. Reviewers can redact PII like SSNs, major bank card numbers, birth dates, as well as custom regular expressions and keywords.
  • Real-time redaction propagation across duplicates: Instantly redact all duplicates without any extra step.
  • Sheet-level duplicate identification and real-time redaction propagation: Identify duplicate sheets across non-duplicate spreadsheet documents and propagate redactions in real-time.
  • Spreadsheet clustering: Cluster Spreadsheet based on duplicate sheets, facilitating better review work divisions and higher review speed.
  • Visually similar sheet identification: Identify visually similar sheets across and within the documents to mass redact them.
  • Row, column, and inverse redaction: Supports multiple row and column redactions, as well as inverse redactions at the sheet-level and on whole workbooks.
  • Auto-hide empty rows and columns: Identify empty rows and columns anywhere in the worksheet and allow users to hide them if more than one consecutive row or column is empty. This prevents users from missing data that’s scattered on remote rows or columns.
  • Protected native spreadsheet output: Administrators can apply password protection to the produced redacted native spreadsheet documents.