Loud & Clear by Authenticity.ai

Authenticity.ai’s Loud and Clear technology processes your audio and video files on-premises or in the cloud with one click in Relativity. The result is accurate transcripts, with speaker separation, delivered within Relativity for easy review with our built-in media player.

Accurate audio and video transcription software for legal and compliance

Authenticity.ai’s Loud & Clear technology provides highly accurate transcripts across many different languages for the US, Europe and Asia regions. Using our customized approach, we are able to train our platform to increase accuracy for your specific project or client. Then, by clicking a button in Relativity, we process your audio or video and deliver the transcripts back to the workspace, with speaker separation, for easy review using our built-in media player.

Loud & Clear by Authenticity.ai

Key features of Loud & Clear include:

  • Customized approach to train the audio engines to increase accuracy
  • Easy one-click processing within the Relativity workspace
  • Built-in media player with speaker separation
  • Processes files on-premises or in the cloud
  • Support for all major languages