Doc Review at the Speed of MachOne

MachOne™ by JND eDiscovery

MachOne™ is an alternative coding interface optimized for ultra-fast, low-latency document review. MachOne reduces time between documents and gives users access to a fully editable ‘grid view’ document list with built-in field verification for automated quality control.

Document Review at the Speed of MachOne™

Optimized to accelerate data entry and large-scale document review projects, MachOne™ is a first-of-its-kind coding interface offering increased speed, greater visibility and workflow flexibility. Presenting Relativity users with a lower-latency alternative to the standard document viewer and coding pane, MachOne reduces project overhead time by 40-60%. Coding decisions are submitted directly into a fully editable document list where users can skip between documents with precision, reference past coding decisions at a glance, and copy-and-paste entries across documents. MachOne also functions as an automated quality control assistant, offering built-in field verification to direct attention to data entry errors in real time.

Use MachOne™ to:

  • Accelerate document review speed and efficiency
  • Decrease time between documents
  • Submit coding decisions in a dynamic grid view user interface
  • Reduce review project spend
  • Explore new data entry workflows